I Wanna Dance

It’s late at night they’ve al gone home
so finally we’re all alone
The waiter says we’re closing very soon

Still the night’s so long
don’t wanna say goodbye to you
I’ve got plans for us tonight
baby that’s right

I wanna dance all night long
all alone with you girl
‘cos I’m ready for a sweet romance
all alone with you girl

We share the last glass of wine
our hearts are beating in perfect time
wondering who will be the first to say

You know it feels alright
why don’t you hold me tight

I know tomorrow comes a day
Don’t think about what they will say
Just close your eyes and dream away in my arms

“I Wanna Dance” by Michael Learns To Rock
This song is for YOU, my clone… @};-


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  1. thanks for the song.. it’s nice, duh.. jadi keinget2 mulu neh.. hehehe…untung kita ga diusir yah pak ?!! 😉

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