great article

What a great writing..:xsm 

My country is the best country in the world

some quotes:

The people are the best human beings in the world, the smartest.

We’ve never heard of corruption. Our government officials are the best managers and the best workers

We don’t have sex. Sex is bad. We don’t kiss. Kiss is bad. We ban bikinis because bikini is the source human degradation *hiks… nadine…

Her English is bad. And she wears bikinis! Oh my God! And she’s supposed to represent our country, our people, our morality! *yeah… yeah…

..bikinis are bad. They can make men begin to rape women, women begin to rape women, men begin to rape men. Worse, they can cause a national disaster. *OMG

Her English is bad. So what? It’s not our language. We still understand what she means. Everyday, I hear politicians talking in Indonesian and I don’t understand what they say.


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  1. bagaimanapun saya lega dia tak masuk 20 besar.. apalagi juara..
    yah, ternyata jurinya MU lebih waras dari jurinya Putri Indonesia.. 😀

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